About Brian

Brian was born and raised in Mifflinburg, PA.  He still resides in his childhood home today.  He had an interest in drafting and computers while growing up and choose a career where he can do both.  He has worked for a land surveying firm in Sunbury, PA for over 20 years.  He is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and Penn State fan.  He enjoys wrestling and coaching wrestling, which he has been doing at Lewisburg Sr. High for the last 8 years.  He enjoys growing his relationship with God and has been truly blessed with an amazing christian woman, who will soon become his wife.


About Lisa

Lisa was born and raised in Milton,PA.  She is currently a Medical Assistant with Cornerstone Family Health in Williamsport, PA.  She is also a Fitness Instructor at the Milton YMCA.  She has two daughters:  Kayla-19yrs and Mariah-12 yrs.  Her hobbies include:  Zumba, weight lifting, walking, hiking, tennis, kayaking, and pretty much anything active and adventurous.  She loves spending time with family.  Lisa Marie had a dream........and Brian came true!  She is looking forward to starting their family together and to the many memories that will be made and cherished for a lifetime!  She thanks the Lord for completing eachothers lives and they will continue to strive to grow in their relationship with eachother under God.  They realize that without God as #1....nothing will work.

How God brought us into each others life

Brian and Lisa first met at Dr. Brown's office approximately 3 years ago, where Brian was a patient and Lisa was Medical Assistant.  Lisa caught Brian's eye but she didn't notice him.  Years later, June of 2011,  she saw his picture on-line and made a friend request on Facebook asking him if he remembered her.  They chatted a few times on-line and Brian asked her if she wanted to meet for a cup of coffee.  When he called to set a place she suggested ice cream at Brookpark Station.  The first meeting was awkward, but they decided to meet again.  Their first date was to the Arts Festival in State College.  Their first kiss was July 24 (2 1/2 hrs! :) ). Shortly after that....there was a period of time that they just remained friends--talking off and on by phone.  Then...one day...Brian felt the Lord leading him to Lisa.  The rest, as they say, is history.

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